FOLD of the week #357 Classic Gate Fold

FOLD of the week #357
Classic Gate Fold with Creative Locked Cover

This week’s solution offers a clever little tweak to a Fold of the Week classic—the gate fold. By adding a long, vertical cut on the left cover panel, a tab from the right panel neatly tucks in to lock the piece closed. This self-promo piece from Prehoda Foil Stamping & Embossing also features gorgeous foil stamping combined with blind embossing on a heavy kraft sheet. We think this is a fun little format trick you’ll want to keep in your back pocket for invitations, holiday cards and marketing collateral. Enjoy!

FOLD of the week #356 Twisted Accordion

FOLD of the week #356
Twisted Accordion Holiday Card

Yes, it’s THAT time again—time to start thinking about your corporate (or personal) holiday card. So, to get your creative juices flowing, this week’s spotlight shines on a sample from our friends at Motioncutter. Designed by Dittmann Design of Karlsruhe, Germany, with photography from Axel Heise, this creative accordion-folded holiday card uses a clever laser-cut shape, and very slightly angled scores to create a twisted effect when folded. We think this solution will get you in the “pre-holiday” spirit!

FOLD of the week #355 Tall Skyscraper Br

FOLD of the week #355
Tall Skyscraper Brochure with Simple Curved Die-Cut

This week’s featured format is a gem from across the globe. Our friends at INKISH.TV found this cool brochure on a trip to China. The brochure promotes the Shanghai World Financial Center Observatory, and is designed to highlight the height of the building with a tall, narrow format and skyscraper image on one side. Flipping it over, you’ll find a curved die-cut shape that becomes a focal point and adds a lot of style to the layout both when folded and flat. We think you’ll love this week’s well-traveled solution!

FOLD of the week #354 Elegant Tri-Fold w

FOLD of the week #354
Elegant Tri-Fold with Thick, Tipped-On Insert

Sometimes the simplest solutions can have the greatest impact. This week’s spotlight shines on a gorgeous invitation produced by PRINT IT Group in Vancouver for the second annual VGH+UBC Hospital Foundation “De Beers Time to Shine Gala.” Designed by Emmanuel Buenviaje, the simple tri-fold format holds a very thick and substantial tipped-on insert in the center. The result is weighty and impactful, and the production quality is amazing. We think you’ll love this idea!

FOLD of the week #353 The Amazing Auto J

FOLD of the week #353
The Amazing Auto Jackknife

It’s always exciting to us to find a format that is not only engaging, but that is also efficient to produce. This self-mailing solution from Information Packaging in Toronto is really fun to open with a tear-off top and a swiveling interior section that opens like a jackknife. However, the real magic is in the production of this creative and dimensional format. Amazingly, this format is produced entirely by machine—and Trish will tell you how it was done and how much it cost!

FOLD of the week #352 Dramatic Reconfigu

FOLD of the week #352
Dramatic Reconfigured Corner Folder Brochure

This week, the spotlight shines on a smart and stylish reconfiguration of a Fold of the Week classic—the Corner Folder. Designed by the American College of Cardiology’s in-house design and branding team for their annual Expo event, this brochure served as a promotional handout with an unexpected opening experience. Printed and produced by ITP in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, we think you’ll love this week’s fold-tastic idea!

FOLD of the week #351 Martini-Themed Wra

FOLD of the week #351
Martini-Themed Wrap Invitation

After our 350-episode milestone last week, we thought it would be appropriate to toast the occasion by featuring a martini-themed design from Healthesystems. Produced by Image X, this invitation package is seriously stylish—from the die cut and stir stick closure to the tall folded insert. You won’t want to miss this week’s episode!

FOLD of the week #350 WOW! The Triangula

FOLD of the week #350
WOW! The Triangular Snake Fold

We’re celebrating a milestone 350 episodes the only way we know how—with an amazing fold, of course! This week’s super-cool spotlight shines on an incredibly creative snake fold variation that takes the shape of a triangle to start, and turns into a hexagon when opened. Designed by Real Art as a promotional brochure for Ascend Innovations, this brochure is eye-catching and memorable. Skillfully produced by Think Patented of Miamisburg, Ohio, this week’s fold is a great way to celebrate 7 years of Fold of the Week!

FOLD of the week #349 Iron Cross Box-For

FOLD of the week #349
Iron Cross Box-Format Mailer with Card Inserts

Here’s another fun solution from Mossberg & Company for University of Notre Dame. It’s a clever Iron Cross format with a zip-strip closure that mails as a half-inch-thick package. Pull the paper zipper to get to a deck of 20 cards on the interior. The cards carry inspiring messages, and they’re die cut around the edges so they can be assembled into a structure with a powerful message. A great idea for marketing materials, recruitment and even holiday cards, we think you’ll love this week’s super-cool solution!

FOLD of the week #347 The Accordion Doub

FOLD of the week #347
The Accordion Double Swinger Hybrid Mailer

This week’s selection is something special from our friends at PDI in Québec, Canada. It’s a clever hybrid format that combines a double swinger with accordion folding to create one clever, image-swapping mailer. Designed by the Alezane Agency for paper manufacturer, Rolland Inc., this spring 2016 news publication is definitely NOT your average newsletter.