FOLD of the week #352 Dramatic Reconfigu

FOLD of the week #352
Dramatic Reconfigured Corner Folder Brochure

This week, the spotlight shines on a smart and stylish reconfiguration of a Fold of the Week classic—the Corner Folder. Designed by the American College of Cardiology’s in-house design and branding team for their annual Expo event, this brochure served as a promotional handout with an unexpected opening experience. Printed and produced by ITP in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, we think you’ll love this week’s fold-tastic idea!

FOLD of the week #351 Martini-Themed Wra

FOLD of the week #351
Martini-Themed Wrap Invitation

After our 350-episode milestone last week, we thought it would be appropriate to toast the occasion by featuring a martini-themed design from Healthesystems. Produced by Image X, this invitation package is seriously stylish—from the die cut and stir stick closure to the tall folded insert. You won’t want to miss this week’s episode!

FOLD of the week #350 WOW! The Triangula

FOLD of the week #350
WOW! The Triangular Snake Fold

We’re celebrating a milestone 350 episodes the only way we know how—with an amazing fold, of course! This week’s super-cool spotlight shines on an incredibly creative snake fold variation that takes the shape of a triangle to start, and turns into a hexagon when opened. Designed by Real Art as a promotional brochure for Ascend Innovations, this brochure is eye-catching and memorable. Skillfully produced by Think Patented of Miamisburg, Ohio, this week’s fold is a great way to celebrate 7 years of Fold of the Week!

FOLD of the week #349 Iron Cross Box-For

FOLD of the week #349
Iron Cross Box-Format Mailer with Card Inserts

Here’s another fun solution from Mossberg & Company for University of Notre Dame. It’s a clever Iron Cross format with a zip-strip closure that mails as a half-inch-thick package. Pull the paper zipper to get to a deck of 20 cards on the interior. The cards carry inspiring messages, and they’re die cut around the edges so they can be assembled into a structure with a powerful message. A great idea for marketing materials, recruitment and even holiday cards, we think you’ll love this week’s super-cool solution!

FOLD of the week #347 The Accordion Doub

FOLD of the week #347
The Accordion Double Swinger Hybrid Mailer

This week’s selection is something special from our friends at PDI in Québec, Canada. It’s a clever hybrid format that combines a double swinger with accordion folding to create one clever, image-swapping mailer. Designed by the Alezane Agency for paper manufacturer, Rolland Inc., this spring 2016 news publication is definitely NOT your average newsletter.

FOLD of the week #346 The Rare and Excit

FOLD of the week #346
The Rare and Exciting Pinwheel Twist Fold

This week’s selection is a real beauty. A rare variation of the always-exciting twist fold specialty category, this pinwheel-shaped invitation offers tremendous wow-factor and style. Designed by Sage Communications for [S&R] Foundation and produced by ColorCraft (a Corporate Press Company), this gala invitation takes on an intriguing shape and a beautiful opening experience. A must-see!

FOLD of the week #345 Fresh! The Rolling

FOLD of the week #345
Fresh! The Rolling Knot Fold

After nearly 350 episodes, we’ve seen a lot at Foldfactory, but we certainly haven’t seen everything. So, when this fresh format came in from our friends at Hederman Brothers in Ridgeland, Mississippi, we were truly wow-ed and excited to share. The specialty “rolling knot” format was designed for a nautical-themed event at the Beau Rivage Resort & Casino in Biloxi. The format creates the sense of untying a sailor’s knot with an easy rolling rotation of the panels. It’s a must-watch episode!

FOLD of the week #344 Award-Winning Can-

FOLD of the week #344
Award-Winning Can-Shaped Accordion Mailer

This week’s super-cool selection is both fun and mail-friendly. As part of an award winning awareness campaign from Fixation Marketing of Bethesda, Maryland, this mailer was created for the Can Manufacturers Institute. The campaign was developed to raise awareness around using aluminum and steel as a sustainable solution for food and beverage packaging. A 6-panel accordion in the shape of a can (and 6 cans!) demonstrates the concept very dynamically, while the size and shape is in a great proportion for mail. It’s a must-see.

FOLD of the week #343 Closed Gate Self-M

FOLD of the week #343
Closed Gate Self-Mailer with Creative Fold-Ups

At Foldfactory, we love a great example of creativity and production efficiency on a tight budget. This week’s example is so much fun, and proves that you can do great things when the campaign requires a high quantity and low per piece pricing. From our friends at Suttle-Straus, this closed gate self-mailer had to mail USPS Standard, and it had to creatively show-off the products of their client, GVPRO Scorers Tables. See the format, and get the skinny on how they made it happen!

FOLD of the week #342 4-Panel Accordion

FOLD of the week #342
4-Panel Accordion with Stacked Die-Cut Images

This week, we’re bringing you a super-fun idea that can be spun into many different creative concepts. This brochure for Bell Canada was designed to highlight the benefits of their Bell Fibe TV service. They chose a 4-panel accordion fold that uses a series of die-cuts that are centered and stacked at the top of the brochure. The phone, tablet, laptop and TV screens increase in size and create a layered, 3-D effect—and each screen is playing a different show to cover a broad scope of programming interests. Great idea!